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We enhance individial beauty with state-of-the-art technologies and personalized service. Our professional team is ready to provide the greatest service you’ve ever had.


Threading is an ancient technique to remove facial hair without any side effects. Threading allows for a more defined and precise shape and can create better definition for eyebrows.

Defined Eyebrows $50
Eyebrows Reshape $35
Eyebrows Tidy-Up $25

Up to 3 weeks

Full Face $60
Sides $15
Lip $15
Chin $15


Enhance the look of eyes, add tints with your eyebrow shape service. Choose from light brown, dark brown, black, blue black.

Eyebrows $18
Eyelashes $20
Eyebrows + Eyelashes $35
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Microblading + Feathering

It gives you well defined, natural looking eyebrows. Microblading is great for someone who has sparse hair, gaps in brows, over tweezing or simply want fuller looking brows. It’s an easy solution to regain the brows and long lasting results.
Contact the salon for the free consultation and best recommendation for your brows. 
First visit $599
4-6 Weeks Touch-Up $150
6 Months Touch-Up $250

Brow Lamintion

Get ready for perfectly polished and defined brows with our brow lamination service! Our experts use the highest quality products and techniques to lift and set your natural brow hairs, giving you a flawless look that lasts for weeks. Choose from a variety of shapes and styles to suit your unique needs and leave feeling confident and gorgeous.

Brow Lamination $90

includes brow tint

Eyelash Extensions

Add bit of more volume in your eyelashes with pure silk lashes.

Natural $99
Dramatic $120
Hollywood Lashes $150
Party Lashes $25
For a night out. Lasts 24 hours!

Skin Needling + Micro Needling

Needling is great for generating new collagen and helps to improve the appearance and texture of your skin. It can help to minimise scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, and other skin concerns. As a complimentary service, we add hyaluronic acid while performing the procedure. 

Single $250
3 Treatments $600
Single $300
3 Treatments $750


We use the best products for the facials that includes lactic, glycolic, hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, aha and more. All these products are the key to great skin.

Hydrating Facial $110
Best for sensitive, dehydrated skin. Leaves the skin refreshed, smooth and hydrated. Facial massage included with essential oils for the best relaxation experience. (60 min)
Mini Facial $55
A quick on the go facial just to get the fresh look before any event, it removes the dirt, build up of dead cells so skin looks fresh and bright. (30 min)
Deep Cleanse Facial $99
Perfect for someone who hasn’t had a facial in a while or to get the base ready for other treatments like skin needling or peels. It’s very important to do the deep clean first to achieve the best results from more advanced treatments. It’s perfect solution for acne, clogged pores, congestion of the skin or frequent breakouts. (60 min)
Back Facial $80
Perfect for someone who has acne, breakouts at back. Includes deep pore cleanse, deep exfoliate, steam, through extractions, and acne clearing mask. Add AHA peel for $30. (45 min)
Microdermabrasion from $55
Gently remove the top layers of skin to improve surface irregularities, leaving a softer, smoother, clearer skin appearance. (30 Mins)
Facial Package $350
Pamper yourself and come out rejuvenated! Includes a deep cleanse facial, skin needling, and an AHA peel. (120 min)


Chemical peels peel off the old skin so new layers can grow in their place. It’s a deeper form of exfoliation that reduce the effects of ageing, sun damage, wrinkles, and helps to remove the texture of the skin leaving brighter and refreshing skin. 

AHA Peel $70

Also known as a Glycolic acid peel, it’s a light chemical non invasive treatment that removes the upper layers of damaged skin and encourages skin cell regeneration.

Peel Accelerator $80

It’s an anti- inflammatory exfoliating peel that works to reduce dead cell build up and rejuvenate the skin. It’s suitable for all skin types to assist with pigmentation, acne lesions, sun damage and wrinkles.


It’s the art of temporary tattooing based on naturally derived colour from plants. There is no side effects of henna, it’s 100% natural, last about couple of weeks generally. A Range of designs can be created, or freehand. The perfect way to have a tattoo, without being permanent. A truly beautiful way of getting a temporary tattoo.

Henna from $15